EnergyWeek South Africa

EnergyWeek South Africa is an annual meeting point taking place from 11-12 December in Cape Town to discuss the progress of energy projects in Southern Africa. Within this week EnergyNet will host the separate investment meetings International gas Cooperation Summit, Southern Africa Renewable Energy Summit and the Black Industrialists Energy Summit to explore opportunities for gas and renewable energy project development in the region.

The Southern Africa Renewable Energy Summit

In partnership with the IPP Office and the Southern Africa Renewable Energy Council (SAREC), the Southern Africa Renewable Energy Summit (SARES)  will take place from 11-12 December in Cape Town. Over the next few years, Southern African countries will spend millions upgrading their renewable energy capabilities to bring electricity to larger and larger swaths of their populations. 


SARES will focus on this region’s huge potential for the generation of renewable energy to boost national energy grids and vastly expand access to reliable electricity. Drawing on lessons learnt from South Africa’s successful REIPPP Programme the summit will outline renewable energy objectives for the next decade, uniting governments, DFIs and private investors in the aim of securing a sustainable energy future.


The Southern Africa Renewable Energy Summit (SARES) is co-located with the International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS) and the Black Industrialists Energy Summit.

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  • South Africa: Investment and Trade Hub to Unlock Clean Power Resources across SADC Region
  • Investments Opportunities in SADC for Renewable Energy Development
  •  Financing Renewable Energy Infrastructures to Liberate Gas Development
  • Unlocking Solar Capital and IPPs Projects
  • Consolidating Stability and Sustainable Development: How the Future Energy Mix Looks Like? 
  • Power Pooling and Cross-border Energy Trade
  • Anchor Programmes to Achieve Energy Security and Energy Access
  • Electrifying Southern Africa Beyond the Grid: Innovative Economic Models for Off-grid Financing and Development
  •  Innovation in Renewable: Energy Systems and Storage Technologies

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