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Focuses of the Renewable Energy Summit

Focuses of the Renewable Energy Summit

Investor Security and Bankability in Renewable Energy Project Development

The programme for this meeting will focus on Southern Africa’s huge potential for the generation of renewable energy to boost national energy grids and expand access to reliable electricity. To find out more about all the events taking place in EnergyWeek South Africa, download the EnergyWeek brochure

The overarching theme “Investor Security and Bankability in Renewable Energy Project Development” will provide a roadmap for renewable energy project development post-IRP and its impact on the regional market. The programme will look at harmonising national strategies to support regional energy integration.

 Different renewable energy programmes in the region can support each other through sharing experiences and planning. The SARES programme will look at anchor renewable energy programmes in SADC, how to evacuate energy for disconnected communities, scaling private sector capital for IPP projects and manufacturing industry insights.

Please see below an overview of themes and topics to be discussed at this meeting. If you are interested in contrubuting to a panel discussion, giving a presentation or hosting a targeted workshop, please get in touch to discuss possible options.

Themes and programme topics

  • High-level scene setting session: Vision 2030: The IRP 2018 and the role of renewable energy
  • Development of the REIPPP Programme over the next 12 months
  • Renewable energy projects to anchor the sector within SADC
  • Green energy corridor- evacuating energy for disconnected communities
  • Scaling private sector capital for renewable energy projects
  • The role of manufacturing hubs in Southern Africa
  • South Africa: Investment and Trade Hub to Unlock Clean Power Resources across SADC Region
  • Financing Renewable Energy Infrastructure to Liberate Gas Development
  • Unlocking Solar Capital and IPP Projects
  • Consolidating Stability and Sustainable Development: What does the Future Energy Mix Looks Like?
  • Power Pooling and Cross-border Energy Trade
  • Models for Off-grid Financing and Development